Victoria Theatre, Halifax

27 Sept 2007 – Mark Ritchie – Halifax

In a nutshell, an innocent singer called Pandora Rosie Honeybox, played by the lissom Emily Clark, turns up for an audition for the job of singer in the band at the Club Live and Let Die in New York in the year 2030.

The naive Pandora, who arrived to audition complete with her lunchbox, is soon deflowered by the owner of the club Baron Von Rockula, (Steve Steinman) who rather inconveniently turns out to be a vampire.

After some initial blood-letting, other similarly toothed members of his band descend frantically on the unfortunate Pandora in order to continue the feeding frenzy.

There are humorous asides from a servile and frankly pervy manager of the club, scene-stealingly played by Mike Taylor, as well as renditions of various rock anthems from Steinman and a red hot live rock band.

Two vampish rock chicks, played by Sherren Webb and Zela St Wilde, complete the ghoulish picture, in a production show which is reportedly doing brisk business on its autumn tour.

So, is the future of production shows such as this based around specific musical genres? Well possibly, as long as the plot is preposterous enough and the cast are as well prepared as this one.

After a huge contribution from the band, and in particular from ex-Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie O’Jeda, all the standing, clapping, singing and cheering audience in Halifax really needed was a rendition of Bat Out of Hell and a happy ending. They got both and, when Pandora and the Baron were wed, instead of “You may kiss the bride”, the Baron was informed, “You may bite the bitch”. Great fun!

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