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Fri 1st Oct 2010 – DooYoo

Picture this……you sit in a pitch black room, when you suddenly notice, on the stage in front of you are the flickering eye’s of a huge skull.

When your eye’s become adjusted to the darkness you start to notice other things, a large cavernous room under the skull, complete with heavy brocade curtains, two cages on the sides of the stage…….just as you crane to see more a light shines on top of the room, and a beautiful looking man, half dressed appears, face painted to resemble a younger version of a kiss member complete with guitar, then it starts with the opening notes of Guns and Roses “welcome to the jungle” and what do you have…….in my opinion one of the best nights out I have ever had!

This is the newest vampire incarnation around, one of which I am eternally grateful that my husband discovered, and even happier my mum decided to take me too.

This review is on the show “Vampires rock” by Steve Steinman, who after a little research played Meatloaf in stars in their eye’s and has even toured in the “Meatloaf story”, which goes a way to explain why he sounds so much like him!

I have to be truthful when the tickets were booked I really didn’t know what to expect from this show, with the programme you can buy giving the illusion that the entire show consists of beautiful men and women dancing and playing instruments on stage whilst dripping with blood………ok, so that did happen too, but this show is so much more!

Set in 2030 in New York, Baron Rockula is the owner of the “live and let die” club. He decides that the time has come to get himself a queen/singer for his band, so starts interviewing immediately, enter Pandora Rosie Box, who starts off as a pretty and unassuming young women who just wants to be a rock and roll star, but gets much more than she bargains for!

This is a fantastic show that I can only describe as a mixture of heavy metal, musical and pantomime, with the show being fully interactive with the audience, and the band actively encouraging dancing and singing along, giving this the feel of a concert with benefits.

There are very few people in the show, but at no time does the stage feel empty with the characters/band members doubling up at all times acting, dancing and obviously performing the music.

There is the band referred to as simply “vampire” with them also being referred to as the lost boys, though if you go onto the official vampires rock website ,, there is also an elaborate description of each character and how they initially became vampire’s!

I have to say that from where I was sitting I didn’t actually see the drummer until they were taking there encore at the end of the show, with him being hidden from view by the room the vampire’s went through to do costume changes, but I was lucky enough to be sitting dead (sorry no pun intended!) in front of the guitarist Henry and his brother on keyboard , who were both not only beautiful to look at, but fantastically talented.

There is a complete song list, listed within the programme and includes everything from Glee’s “Don’t stop believing” through to the sweet’s “ballroom blitz”, which got every single person up off their seats and bopping like maniacs!

There is of course a fair amount of Meatloaf in the show due to Steve’s previous incarnation, and he really must have been amazing as I could tell straight away who he sounded like before I even knew he was an impersonator.

The first half of the show was fun and really rocking, with the comic element coming from Bossly the janitor, who came out all bloodied and zombie like, with the only instructions being that he wasn’t allowed to sing……which of course he did, and really well too.

He was absolutely perfect as well, he was rude without actually bothering too much with subtle innuendo’s, preferring to get to the crux of the punch line. When he was standing on the edge of the stage pretending to dry hump one of the audience members, then realising he was picking on a man I thought my friend was going to wet herself laughing, if he touched himself once, he did it ten time’s, though it never once felt too much, but felt more like “carry on” muckiness than mucky for the sake of it!

The second half was a bit darker, though what happens exactly I refuse to share, though vampire fans will be thoroughly thrilled with the proceedings!

The band are currently working their way through a 60+ gig tour, with information on tickets, dates and venue’s being on the afore mentioned website.

This is a fantastic show that I wouldn’t think twice about going to watch again, beautiful people complete with fangs, playing kiss ass music with the added benefit of biting…..what more could I have asked for!

Thanks for reading and rock on! xx

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