The Rock And Bike Fest

July 2010 – efestivals
The Rock And Bike Fest 2010

Next up were the main headliners Vampires Rock, now the lead vocalist Steve Steinman was either very brave or very stupid to accept this slot, and to be honest I’m still not too sure which category to put him in. Stupid because how could a show with soft rock songs and a couple of ballads win over a crowd of hardcore bikers? Brave because he had the sheer nerve and determination to run the risk of having the infamous bottles of piss thrown at him and his band. So the stage was set, with a huge skull with bat wings dominating the centre of the stage and two gigantic cages either side of the stage big enough to fit a person into.

The intro music started, which was the theme from the WWE wrestler The Undertaker. Ten out of ten for using the most appropriate piece of music for a show about the undead.

For those of you who still haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Vampires Rock the story is very straight forward, Baron Von Rockula is looking for a new bride, and holds auditions for a new female vocalist (almost like X-factor).

Pandora turns up at the audition and has very little idea of what rock music is. The show then follows her transformation from geeky Cliff Richard fan to a bonafide rock queen able to belt out anthems such as ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ and ‘Poison’.

During the opening songs ‘Welcome to The Jungle’ the cages came to life with scantily clad female vampire dancers. (What more could a male ask for?) Toyah Wilcox plays the vampire queen and without a doubt she has still got a voice which can give some of the best vocalists around today a good run for their money.

The show is stringed together by numerous tongue in cheek scenes in which the dialogue leads into the next track. However when Steve Steinman and the backing band plough into some of the biggest rock anthems, it is easy to see that they take the music side of the show very seriously and deliver the goods like their life depends on it.

Some of the songs that they slipped into this show were ‘Killer Queen’, ‘Jump’ (Van Halens version), ‘White Wedding’, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, ‘Schools Out’ and ‘Bat Out Of Hell’.

The audience of hardcore bikers seemed to lap up every song. Steve and his female vocalist Emily Clark seemed to have the crowd eating out of their hands. There was a rather amusing point during the show when Steve and Emily do a duet of ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ and all you could see was a sea of arms gently waving in the air whilst the bikers with their tattoos and leather jackets were singing along. Steve just looked at the audience laughing and called them a “bunch of pansies”, all in good humour.

Towards the end of the show Steve does a cover version of ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ and to be honest there is no better way to end a headlining slot at a rock music festival.

My only criticism of this show is that having a vocalist has gifted as Toyah Wilcox, maybe they should use her a bit more in the show has she seemed to be sidelined so that Emily Clark could belt out most of the rock anthems.

Despite that minor criticism, the crowd loved every second of this show and felt like they had definitely got their money’s worth. And that is all that matters.

This was definitely the highlight of the festival.

Best of all Steve and his band managed to do the whole show without any bottles of warm yellow liquid flying over them. Mission accomplished.

So a great end to a brilliant value for money, friendly, pleasant, enjoyable festival. You will struggle to find a more friendly festival. This is how all festivals should be! Will I be going again next year? – hell yeah!!

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