Royal Concert Hall

Vampires Rock, Royal Concert Hall
By Sarah Gill

VAMPIRES Rock show rolled into the Royal Concert Hall promising plenty of bite. It’s clearly a show with a massive following; the audience returning for repeat performances and dressed for the occasion.

The opening was an explosion of fireworks and the Guns N’ Roses classic Welcome to the Jungle, which got the audience singing from the outset.

Then the story enfolded, as vampire Baron Rockula (played by show creator Steve Steinman) auditions for a new singer for his aptly named Live and Let Die Club.

Enter Pandora (Hayley Russell) who ultimately becomes his bride.

The plot barely matters as the audience are blown away with the rock anthems, energy and humour. It’s an impressive stage set with pyrotechnics, cage dancers and fire spinners.

Steinman and his formidable band, The Lost Boys, blasted through more classics, including AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, Billy Idol’s White Wedding and We Will Rock You by Queen.

By the second half of the performance all of the audience were on their feet dancing along.

The show belonged to Steinman who strutted around the stage clad in leather and frills.

He and sidekick Bosley (John Evans) provided the tongue in cheek humour and their banter, with both each other and the audience, was fun.

Highlights were when Bosley belted out Europe’s The Final Countdown and Van Halen’s Jump.

What a fang-tastic, sexy and fabulously over the top show.

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