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30, Oct, 2011 – Andrew MacDonald – Gigatude
Carnival Du Vampires Rock at Plymouth Pavillions 2011

He’s done it again! Steve Steinman returned to Plymouth Pavilions with his sell-out 2011 Arena Tour Carnival Du Vampires Rock and absolutely nailed it.

Steve plays the evil Baron Von Rockula set in New York in the year 2030, the undead are among us and are in plentiful supply at the Live & Let Die club. Throughout the show he is searching for his ‘Pandora’, who arrives to audition for the resident vocalist position at the club. What she doesn’t know is the only job that’s on offer is to be the eternal bride of evil Baron Von Rockula.

The show featured high-flying aerial performers, a troupe of gorgeous dancers, a lighting rig even Queen would have admired and featured more pyrotechnics than the Saving Private Ryan film. Carnival Du Vampires Rock was a visual spectacle be admired. Team all of that with some of the biggest and best rock anthems of all time, this was a show that made you stamp your feet and sing at the top of your lungs. Steve, Hayley and the band performed songs such as We Will Rock You, Bat Out of Hell, Poison, Sweet Child O’Mine and many more.

There is simply no other show anywhere in the world that’s anything like this. Steve Steinman’s production ‘Vampires Rock’ has been touring since 2004 after he saw a gap in the market for a theatre style rock show. The show has been so successful that in 2010 alone, they sold over 1 million tickets and played at someof the biggest arenas in the country. Steve Steinman is a force to be reckoned with.

I have to say, having photographed concerts for the likes of Queen, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and many more, this was without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. Take my advice. Buy a ticket to Carnival Du Vampires rock. Take the whole family. With ticket prices between £20 and £28.50, it’ll be the best money you will ever spent on a night out.

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