Nottingham Arena

28 Oct 2007 – Nottingham Arena

Not so long ago Steve Steinman unleashed his new show Vampires Rock at the Majestic Theatre in Retford. From ‘Sold Out’ theatres Steve has pushed his Vampires Rock to the next level by performing at arenas all over the country. Nottingham’s nine thousand seater arena venue was busy but not over crowded, which made it a lot easier to grab something to eat and drink as well as buying a little bit of Vampires Rock merchandise on the way to grabbing a decent position so that we could see the stage clearly. As to the show being so close to Halloween, a lot of fans made a real effort to dress up in fancy dress – I spotted numerous scary creatures all over the arena. After finding a really good spot from where we could watch the show we waited in anticipation for the house lights to fade and the show to begin….

The show itself is based around the Vampire Story: Vampires wants girl – searches for girl – finds girl – casts spell on girl – girl falls in love with Vampire – Vampire and girl end up together. So there are no surprises from that aspect, but the story is entwined with classic rock songs which instantly have you clapping your hands and tapping your feet along to them, Steve Steinman manages to captivate the entire audience with his singing and stage charisma.

Both Steve and his bride Pandora are superb at belting out the classic rock anthems such as ‘Girls, Girls, Girls and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ There are even a couple of Meat Loaf tracks thrown in (which is hardly surprising considering Steve also tours with another show called ‘The Meat Loaf Story’).

This show had everything you could possibly want – great music performed extremely well, superb band, lots of pyrotechnic explosions, lots of blood, sexy dancers and numerous costume changes, and a stage set that was built by the same set designers as Iron Maiden , it doesn’t get any better than that! There were so many rock classics belted out that it’s difficult to remember them all – however here is just a few to whet your appetite – ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Highway To Hell’, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ and ‘Poison’ to name just a small few. Vampires Rock is one of those shows that is guaranteed to provide you with lots of entertainment and a great night out. This show thoroughly rocks!

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