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Wed, 3rd Nov 2010 – Joel Wainwright – Nottingham Post
Vampires let loose fangtastic rock fest

VAMPIRES are everywhere. In cinemas, on television and in our bookshops, tales of bloodsuckers are reaching the point of groaning saturation. But while we might wince at yet another visual or literary incarnation, Cirque du Vampires Rock was a fangtastic feast of music for the Halloween weekend.

Much of the crowd was dressed in their grisly best as the arena was transformed into Club Live & Let Die, a gothic stage for our host Baron Von Rockula. Writer/producer/director Steve Steinman stars as the Baron, a vampiric amalgamation of Meat Loaf and Peter Kay. When he’s not rocking out to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, or berating his undead assistant Bossley, the Baron wants to find himself a new wife. Enter Pandora (Emily Clark), a wannabe rockstar whose ambition may just lead her to the dark side. Packed with dialogue which is as much tongue-in-cheek as it is teeth-in-neck, the plot is very much secondary to the music, delivered with swagger by The Lost Boys band.

The two-hour show is pure classic rock, showcasing the vocals of all the main performers with hits from Guns ’n’ Roses, Alice Cooper, and Queen, to name just a few. Add in the comic asides, the cage dancers, the amazing gymnasts and the pyrotechnics, the whole spectacle ensures that the feel-good factor is turned all the way up. While the multiple costume changes of Pandora and the dancers are certainly on the raunchy side, and sexual innuendo creeps into the comedy, the show never stoops into the realms of bad taste.

Highlights of the evening were the dozens of zombies expertly recreating the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the awesome guitar solos of Jordan Bracewell, complete with blood spitting! Vampires Rock was certainly a show for Hallowe’en revellers to get their teeth into.

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