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Cirque Du Vampires Rock Trent FM Ice Arena

Steve Steinman created Vampires Rock about six years ago, and ever since then it as been going from strength to strength. Admittedly using the classic vampire story year after year does get monotonous, but to Steve’s credit over the years he has done his utmost to vary it each time to bring something new to the fans whilst still trying to keep to the classic storyline of Dracula searches for bride, finds her, and bites her on the neck. Over the years the show has had new songs, and even a few guest appearances from such artistes as Toyah Wilcox and Twisted Sister’s guitarist Eddie Ojeda, which kept the show revitalised and prevented it from dying a horrible death.

This year saw the production of the latest reincarnation of Vampires Rock entitled Cirque Du Vampires Rock. This gives the classic story a gothic circus themed twist. The fact that it was being performed at Nottingham Arena on Halloween weekend was rather apt. This show is based around the evil Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die club. He searches for a new bride by holding an audition for a new singer for his band. One candidate called Pandora Rosie Box comes to audition and to begin with she has no idea what rock music is. So throughout the show the Lost Boys Band help her to release the inner rock goddess that is hidden deep within her soul. Steve Steinman and The Lost Boys kick out rock anthems such as ‘Sweet Child o’Mine’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. As the show progresses Pandora becomes more adventurous with her song choices and costumes until she is fully transformed into a rock goddess belting out hits such as ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ and ‘Devils Gate Drive’ As well as the usual songs that Vampires Rock deliver, this time around there were a few additions such as circus acrobats using a curtain to do high altitude twists and somersaults above the heads of the audience, as well as fire eating ladies and a few new tracks such as ‘Thriller’ which even included a stage full of zombie dancers. And they even saved ‘Purple Rain’ in as the song for an encore.

Male lead vocalist Steve Steinman knows which buttons to press to keep a crowd entertained and his vast years of stage craftsmanship keeps him well prepared for some of the obvious and not so obvious audience participation, like when Steve explains to the crowd that “it’s not a pantomime” and the crowd respond back with “Oh yes it is”. It is this gentle non-offensive humour which makes Vampires Rock stand out from the rest of the shows currently out there. However despite Steve being very talented and convincing as Baron Von Rockula, it is the rest of the band and cast that bring this show to life. There is no doubt Steve can hold his own and keep a crowd entertained with his solo vocal performances, but when he is surrounded with incredible musicians (The Lost Boys) and female vocalist Emily Clark, the show becomes mesmerising and you find yourself becoming totally immersed in the songs. Despite the show being a comedy, the songs are taking seriously and played with the utmost professionalism, and provide great value for money.

This year there is a new segment where the janitor Bossley (John Evans), takes centre stage to do a couple of solo spots whilst Baron Von Rockula is away. The Janitor strips off from his usual costume to reveal a white leotard with a lightening streak across the front. He manages to belt out Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ and Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ which is always guaranteed to get the crowd bouncing around. But the biggest surprise of the evening was the rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, which included a stage full of zombies (from Tracey Quaife Theatre School) doing the classic dance from the hit song. As always the show ends with ‘Bat Out Of Hell’, due to the fact that this is one of the greatest rock anthems of all time. The music is top notch and you would be hard pushed not to enjoy it, as the band are more than talented enough to do each song justice.

Cirque Du Vampires Rock is a brilliant stage adaptation of the classic Dracula story. There is enough of a variation on this tour for fans of the original Vampires Rock show to feel that they got their value for money. Great music, talented musicians, and a great night out, what more could you ask for?

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