Grand Opera House, York

Vampires Rock – Grand Opera House, York
The Public Reviews By Rosie Revell

Fabulously over the top, cheesy and loud, the Vampire Rocks show rolled into the Grand Opera House, York and literally blew the audience away with its sheer energy, humour and toe tapping rock anthems.

Vampire Rocks is clearly a show with a massive following, the audience obviously come back for many repeat performances. Overheard in the, largely dressed up audience “Are you a Vamps Virgin? You won’t be for long – you’ll love it!”

Set in 2030 Vampire, Baron Rockula (Steve Steinman) is auditioning for a new singer for his aptly named Live and Let Die Club. The successful candidate will also become his bride. Enter nerdy Pandora who while truanting from school auditions for the group and ends up being this new singer and Rockula’s bride. She discovers she’s quite a rock chick in the process. The plot barely matters as the audience are there for the tunes. From the moment the house band ‘The Lost Boys’ take to the stage the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride of rock anthems all performed with high energy and gusto.

The backing band are undoubtedly great musicians and their versions of these rock classics are at time spine tingling and have the audience on their feet, enthusiastically singing and dancing along for most of the second half. “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Shot Through The Heart” “Bat Out of Hell” are just some of the hits belted out.

Pandora’s (Hayley Russell) transformation to vampire rock bride allows her to belt out the songs like any self-respecting rock chick. Her voice is amazing and hard to beat. She is ably supported by the two vampire backing dancers.

The show belongs though, to Steve Steinman (Rockula) and Bosley (John Evans) his janitor. They provide the humour and their banter with each other and the audience is good fun.

The only thing I can compare this to is Rocky Horror and it certainly compares favourably with it. The banter with the audience isn’t as well established as in Rocky but this is a relatively new show in comparison so it can only keep growing in stature.

The only way to play rock music is loud, loud, loud but occasionally the sound system lets the show down as the words become hard to make out through the speakers. There also seems to be an over reliance on the echo effect which may work better in a bigger theatre, but didn’t suit this venue.

Vampires Rock is certainly worth catching especially if you love your music live, raw and in your face. It’s sexy, rude and wonderfully over-the-top.

“Am I a Vamps Virgin?” no, not any more, I’m a convert!

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