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Sat, 03 Oct 2009 – Dod M – Big Wheel Magazine

This musical comedy is set in the year 2030, the city is New York, the undead are among us and livelier than ever!

Steve Steinman, with his unique tongue in cheek humor, plays Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club.

Explosions and flames start the show with the entrance of dancing vampires in sexy corsets.

The story line is of Pandora a naive young girl looking to star in a rock band but ends up in the wrong part of town where vampires lurk and is persuaded to come back and meet Baron Von Rockula, who falls in love with her and wants her to be his bride but his current devil queen played by punk idol Toyah Wilcox, is not too impressed as you could imagine.

With hints of the Rocky horror show, a great band, stunning sexy female dancers and a soundtrack like the best of rock.

Songs included in the set are by  Guns And Roses, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Queen, Meat Loaf, Ozzy Osbourne and many more.

All the crowd is enthralled, many make the effort to dress up and by the end of the evening all are standing up from their seats and dancing.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable night out.

-Dod M.-
Big Wheel Overseas Correspondent

More photos of the event can be seen HERE

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