Waterfront Belfast

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 – Phil Alley

Rock singer Steve Steinman’s live rock show Vampires Rock returned to Belfast last night, on the final date of its current tour.

The show is a wonderful roller-coaster ride through many of the genres best songs and works well as a tongue-in-cheek theatrical perfomance to boot. I dare you to not clap along, stanp your feet, sing-along and get up of your seat during any performance.

Set in the Live and Let Die club (a nicely gothic set), vampire Baron Von Rockula plays host to a bevvy of beautiful ladies, his house band rock out and janitor Bosley gets all the laughs.

The story itself is simple enough the Baron has decided he wants a new bride and he is auditioning for a new singer to see if one of the potential applicants is the lady of his dreams. So along comes Pandora, a nerdy young lady who although no rock chick to look at initially, soon steals his heart and after a quick bite from the vampish dancers and Steinman’s Baron transforms into a gutsy, big vioced rocker.

Vampires Rock is a must-see event for anyone interested in rock music and especially if you prefer your music live, raw and in your face.

There are sexual references, some coarse language and wonderfully over-the-top performances throughout and the whole cast get the chance to shine.

So if you fancy hearing some AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Queen, Bonnie Tyler and many other classic bands best songs, this is hard to beat indeed.

The good news is that one-time Meat Loaf tribute act Steve’s show is returning again later in the year for another long UK wide tour.

Check out his websites and facebook for future dates.

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